Lekuresi Castle, Saranda, Albania

If you stay at Blue Eye Hotel which is located in Ksamil or if you visit Saranda, you should definitely make a stop at the Lëkursi Castle. This fortress dates back to the 16th century and is constructed in the shape of a square with two round towers sitting diagonally to one another.

All that remains of the castle are its ancient walls, but a small restaurant located inside has converted a part of the ruins into a restaurant terrace. From this cafe take in views of the sea and the town below as you sample the traditional cuisine. You may have to approach the bar to order during the busy peak season.

Its strategic position on a hill of about 300 meters in height as well as its panoramic views of Saranda, the Butrint Lagoon, and even the island of Corfu, make this destination a tourist favorite. Not to mention that, inside the fortress, you will find one of the best-known bars and restaurants in Saranda which also offers the most beautiful view of the sunset.