Blue Eye Albania

Syri i Kalter (The Blue Eye) is one of those rare, almost unreal places. You know, places you won’t believe exist on Earth. You’ll find Syri i Kalter in south Albania, located between the gorgeous Albanian Riviera and the epic UNESCO town of Gjirokastër. Both are worth a visit while you’re there.

The Blue Eye is a water spring with extremely light blue water bubbles in a more than 50-meter deep pool. You’ll be mesmerized by how clear the water is, to the point that you’ll be able to see straight to the bottom. Also, make sure you follow the sign that leads to Syri i kaltër, so you don’t miss out on the actual Blue Eye. Divers have attempted to descend into the Blue Eye to calculate its actual depth but it’s still unclear how far the mysterious hole really goes. The initial water source of the 25 km Bistricë River, the Blue Eye is just the starting point of a water path that goes all the way to the Ionian Sea. Of course, the area around the Blue Eye is also quite important since it’s a natural monument where oak and sycamore trees stand out with their beauty.